A wise man once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” That wise man was the late Yves Saint Laurent, one of the greatest designers to ever live, forever changing modern-day society when he introduced “Le Smoking,” the first tuxedo suit for women, in the 60s. This proverb, if you will, is what fascinates me about the simple joy of dressing oneself. There are so many ways of mixing the old & new to say something, the fun just never stops.

90s in '09.

One of my favorite looks that keeps popping up in numerous forms is the optimistic expression of the 90s. With iconic symbols like the smiley face & bright colors so yummy they came straight from the ice cream man, this look is all about bringing back the innocence of the decade past, with a hint of grunge, just for you, Kurt Cobain.

candy nails. do not consume!

heart bottle and toenails.

Fingernails are one of the smallest, yet rarely unnoticed accessories we’ve got. This spring is about finding the perfect blend between pastel and bright, with colors so sweet you could lick them.

put on a happy face.

smiley face shirt.

Nothing says "Optimistic" like the classic smiley, and it's showing its face all over the place. You can spread the happiness, too, with a smiley-faced tee, or even smiley face yellow fingernails.

generation x.

destroyed boyfriend jeans.

Defy definition with a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans, a piece that no 90s look can go without. It's perfect for a look that's a little sexed-up, yet effortlessly chic. Throw on, rough up, cuff & peace!