As an advertising major, Iím naturally pensive of the artistic nature behind ads. Through layout, design & photography, you express even the most outrageous of metaphors.

One of my favorite ad campaigns:

victoria beckham for marc jacobs.

Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs.

What I love about this campaign is that Victoria Beckham willingly allows Marc Jacobs to exploit her high profile in such a way that it mocks the contemporary culture of celebrity worship. He glorifies his muse by showcasing her in multiple scenarios that emphasize her non-human perfection, such as inside of a shopping bag & in a plastic toy doll display case.

I think Marc Jacobsís mission is to evoke deeper thought about the current fascination people have with the rich & famous & the consumerism that revolves around it. When you think about the irony of the fact that he functions in an industry that is fueled by such appeal, itís as if he is in on the joke.