with love, from me, to you.

Hi. As Iím sure youíve noticed, whatíve probably been mutliple clicks through cyberspace landed you at my Web page.
Iím Elise. Bienvenidos! Take a look around to get to know me & see some of what makes me tick.

here & now.

Sepia Me.

Iím an Advertising & Spanish student at the wonderful University of Florida. I live in a miniature-house with three quite eclectic roommates. Needless to say, there's never a dull moment. I like to spend my time with my friends & family, taking in the things around me on the greener side of the grass. You could say a fire burns in me for talented musicians, an interesting beat & breathtaking accessories.

back then.


I was born & raised in South Florida by my parents, Matt & Pat. My little brother, Jeff, popped out shortly after I did, but what's funny is that he towers in at six-foot-three. Together, we had a lively childhood filled with too many pets & many days of sailing, as well as tons of adventures resulting from huge imaginations & tireless amounts of energy. As for what made me, me? Let's just say I'm the only one that I've allowed to dress me ever since I was five.

down the road.

I would love to be a part of the Advertising field, incorporated with music &/or fashion. Being the Florida native that I proudly am, living in a sunny place is a must. I also can't wait to have lots of dogs, because dogs rule! In the end, what I desire above all else is to be happy with whatever road I end up on.