My Blog - My own commentary on public relations and media issues. Seriously, check it out.

The New Yorker - Great news and editorial analysis. Also, the New Yorker's Fiction and Poetry section is a worthy time-waster.

Reddit - The social news Web site. Okay, I'm a little ashamed of this one. Many of the stories are simply rants from liberal blogs, but this site does hold some gems, particularly the science subreddit.

TED - Ideas Worth Spreading - This is one of my favorite Web sites: a collection of concise videos of intelligent people saying profound things. This is definitely worth a visit. In particular, I recommend checking out Steven Pinker's presentation on language and thought, Dan Gilbert on happiness and Michael Shermer on why people believe strange things.

Metacritic - A great way to learn what movies and music are hot. The "upcoming releases" page is how I find out when my favorite bands are gearing up for a new album.

allmusic - Another way to find out about new music - or to learn about the classics. I have found great music thanks to this Web site.


Yeah, I'm a webcomic geek. Here are a few of my favorites:

Dinosaur Comics - Same six frames, different text. Considering the medium, the subject matter is surprisingly varied.

Pictures for Sad Children - A depressing comic about life as a ghost. And when I say it's depressing, I actually mean funny. Well, both, really.

XKCD - A webcomic about Internet culture.