Me with my roommates

My name's Alex Wise. I hope this page offers you some insight into my personality.

A bit about Alex

I'm a junior at the University of Florida majoring in public relations. Pictured at right are me and my roommates. I'm the blond on the left. Though I love the University of Florida, I'm actually a transplant from the North. (Palm trees? What is this, Gilligan's Island?)

I've been interested in coding HTML and CSS for a while. This personal Web site is my clumsy first attempt at good coding and design. I honestly believe that the Internet will someday replace and repurpose nearly all other forms of media, so I'm getting in on the ground floor while I can. When the last damp copy of the New York Times settles in a gutter somewhere in lower Manhattan, I hope to be a part of a flourishing online media community. This is where it begins.

On this Web site, you'll find a copy of my resume, a short biography of me, some of my favorite quotes and links to my favorite places on the Internet.

And about those external links - the Internet is mesmerizing, shocking, beautiful and terrifying all at once, dear reader. Don't say I didn't warn you.