university college at oxford

If I could pick one place to travel, it would almost certainly be in England. Fortunately, I had this opportunity when I studied abroad at the University College in Oxford, England during the summer of my junior collegiate year at Morehouse.

I received the opportunity to attend Oxford as part of a study abroad program that was handled by Emory University. As I was the only non-Emory student there, participating in this program meant that when it came to school association, I would undoubtedly stand out in the crowd.

However, school associations aside, I greatly enjoyed my Oxford experience as it allowed me to gain a window into English culture, a culture which I found myself being fascinated with. The sources of my fascination can be attributed to the people that I met there, as well as the history that surrounds where I was. Oddly, I could see myself living in Oxford, as the people there are extremely kind, and the women there have excellent accents!

Along with these sources of fascinations, I also enjoyed eating the British food (however bad it may be rumored to be) and traveling around the city on the various double-decker buses that were there. I also had the opportunity to tour the various museums in Oxford and London, which succeeded in really gave me some perspective as to life abroad.