I regard my hobbies and interests as rather diverse. I enjoy playing sports, video games, reading, writing and browsing the Internet. I consider myself a pretty adept gamer, owning both a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360, and when I am not stressed out by studying, I enjoy playing either one or the other during my free time. At the moment, I am spending most of my time playing video games on my Xbox 360, placing special attention on games such as Prince of Persia, Pac-Man: Championship Edition and Mirror's Edge.

However, this is not to say that my Playstation 3 does receive any of my attention; when I have the opportunity to use that system, I tend to focus on games such as Persona 4 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma, one of the entries in the famed Ninja Gaiden franchise.
I consider myself lucky to own both of these systems for two reasons;
first, because it allows me opportunities to enjoy what both of these companies have to offer,
and secondly, it guarantees that I will never lack for activities to keep me busy. tennisrackets

When I am not playing games, one of my favorite sports to engage in is tennis. I used to be a fairly adept high school and college player, playing for St. Thomas Aquinas and Hargrave Military Academy high schools, as well as competing for Morehouse College. In all of those capacities, I played in singles and doubles, matching my skills against the best of what my schools' respective conferences had to offer. I was fortunate to have won some awards throughout my time competing, such as All-VIC when I competed for Hargrave Military Academy and the Sportsmanship Award when I played for Morehouse College. I greatly enjoyed my tennis experiences, as they allowed me to grow as a person and give me the opportunity to exercise my athletic talents.

In the moments that I do have some downtime and I am not on the courts or playing games, I enjoy web surfing. Some of my favorite sites include CNN, CNET, Gamespot, IGN and Tennis. Each of these destinations allows me the opportunity to engage actively in
my interests and affords me the chance to take my mind off the rigors of academia.