A semi world tour

My travels so far

Thanks to softball and a very supportive family I have been able to do a bit of travelling. I have mostly been throughout Latin America, but I did make my way to Italy for three months. My top three places, other than Puerto Rico, were 1.) Italy, 2.) Brazil, and 3.)Colombia.

I spent three months in Florence, Italy. I took a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course in the hopes that maybe I would find a job and stay in Italy. Obviously I did not find a teaching job, but I somehow managed to survive for three months with very little money.

My time in Italy was unforgettable. I went through many adventures and misadventures (if such a word exists). What should you see if you are in Florence? Go to all the plazas, see all the churches, go to all the museums, especially the Uffizi (that is where you will see the very awe inspiring statute of David....no words can describe what it is like to see it in person....some people have been known to cry when they see it), see Ponte Vecchio, drink some beers at JJ's Cathedral, drink some of the best cocktails you will ever have at Art Bar, and explore Florence by yourself. Try to make friends with locals if you can; walk outside of the center of Florence to get a different look of the city.

Photograph courtesy of my friend Keith Forbes

This picture was taken by my friend Keith Forbes during our hike through the five costal cities that are located on the West Coast of Italy, a couple hours North West of Florence. The cities are referred to as "Cinque Terre." Beautiful. The guy in the picture, Wesley, is not my boyfriend, he is a friend. Just wanted to make things clear.