Say meow to Niffy Graycie Small!

This little bundle of gray fur has made my life happier. I saved her life when I adopted her as a baby from the Alachua County Humane Society in 2007. A week after I took her home, I discovered that she had caught ringworms from an infected cat at the facility. Once I informed the facility of this, they gave me a choice of exchanging her for another kitten. I immediately said, “No, she’s not a gold fish that I can just throw away. I’ll take care of her.” Ever since then, it’s been just Niffy and me.

For anyone wondering where the heck I got the name ‘Niffy’ from, I replaced the ‘T’ in my nickname ‘Tiffy’ with the ‘N’ from my middle name Nichole. The grand result: Tiffy and Niffy. I know what you’re thinking so cute right?

Another cool thing about Niffy is that she’s fashion-savvy and has cattitude like her mother and can often be seen around Gainesville in her fashionable bag and and/or clothes. Take a look at her being felinetastic!