About Me

From Beginning To End

Ever since I was young, I enjoyed communicating with people and helping others at every opportunity. Growing up in Miami Carol City, I realized that I was different from the average student. Writing and reading not only came as an ease to me, but also was an enjoyable hobby. With my special skill of constructing words, I effortlessly racked trophies and plaques throughout my adolescent years in areas like writing, reading and language arts.

After my grandmother passed away in 2005, I felt as if my world was snatched from underneath me. My family asked her to prepare a poem to recite at the funeral. I did just that, pouring myself unto a piece of paper. At the funeral, when I was done reading, I looked up and noticed that the crowd was not crying, but smiling because I had captured the true essence of my grandmother in a handful of sentences. I then realized the power that I possessed through words.

After graduating as the fourth rank in my high school, I was accepted into the University of Florida with a scholarship. After hearing that UFs public relations program was top in the nation, I could not resist choosing a career that would allow me to combine all of the things I loved while working in a fast-paced environment. After a four long years, I will finally be graduating in less than a few months!