Natalie Ryan

Natalie's Travel Ventures

Sydney, Australia Byron Bay, Australia

Most recently, Natalie ventured across the map to Sydney, Australia with the UF College of Journalism and Communications Study Abroad program in the summer of 2007. While in Australia, she toured the Sydney Opera House, which is an incredible structure made of single, weatherproof tiles that glissen in the sun. The interior of the opera house is made of wood from the floor to the ceiling.

Natalie also traveled to Byron Bay, which is a magnificent little beach town where the locals are relaxed and every day is paradise. This was her first experience staying in a hostile, and it will be the last. The beautiful beaches and mountainous background made up for the hostile environment.

Los Angeles, California

On the way home from Australia, Natalie decided to extend her trip to visit friends in Los Angeles, California. She stayed in an incredible five-star resort where John Travolta and LeBron James were also staying at the time. It was really cool to see celebrities, but the best part was the 100 dollar room thanks to a friend who works in the hospitality industry at the Century Tower Hyatt Resort.