Looking into the Crystal Ball

I've always been one to look to the future. I have dreams and ambitions and sometimes I have to slow myself down and enjoy where I'm at in life.

I love to be up-to-date on current events. I've been an everday newspaper reader since I was young. I like to know everything that is going on in sports, politics, and local news. Because of that, I want to be a journalist. I love the idea of working at a newspaper.

I wouldn't mind being a reporter, but I would really love to be an editor. I don't mind working my way up from the bottom. Editing would be perfect for me. I have always had good leadership skills, I have lots of new ideas, and I would love to be able to work with talented writers and reporters and help their work be even better.

I don't just daydream about what the future holds for me professionally. I'm a big family-oriented guy. I look forward to finding the right woman for me(preferably a hot one), settling down, starting a family, and spending the rest of our lives together.