University of Florida Mascots: Albert and Alberta

My father was in the military and we have lived all over the U.S. and Europe. We have visited many countries around the world but nothing compares to being in "The Swamp" on a Saturday night with my fellow gator fans! One of my favorite games ever in the history of college football came in the 2006 football season. The South Carolina Gamecocks made their way into Gainesville and this marked Steve Spurrier's return to the swamp but this time things were different. Spurrier was now the coach of the Gamecocks and the Gators had a new 2nd year coach named Urban Meyer. All season I used my student section season tickets but for this game I managed to acquire four tickets in Touchdown Terrace.

Touchdown Terrance is a step above regular seats in the south endzone of the stadium. Upon entrance to the stadium you have to walk up these spiraling stairs. Once you reach the top you walk through these glass doors and enter a room intended for socializing and mingling with other gator fans! There is food and drinks out on tables for all to enjoy as they watch the game. Our seats were in the third row of the second level dead center. I brought my brother and two of my friends to the game. My brother is not a gator fan at all. He goes to games and cheers for a good game. That means that he will wear gator orange and blue but will cheer for the other team if the game is close. I'll just say that we received a few looks from other Gator fans because of his actions and comments. But what can I say, he's my brother!

This game was the perfect example of a nail biter but at no point during the game did I think we were going to lose. That feeling snuck up during the final drive of the game. South Carolina had the ball and they were down one point with the score resting at 17 to 16. They managed to work their way all the way down the field and set themselves up for an easy field goal. The stadium grew quiet and then erupted with the "OHS" that come out every fans mouth as the home team is on defense.Jarvis Moss blocking South Carolina's attempted game winning field goal

The ball was snapped!

The kick was up!

The crowd grew silent!

The kick was blocked!!!

Jarvis Moss managed to get just high enough to get a finger tip on the ball! The stadium erupted into the loudest I have ever heard it in the history of being a gator! I looked over an I saw my brother jumping up and down screaming with excitement because he couldn't even believe what he just saw! That game will go down as one of the best games in Florida Gator football history! OH MY!!!

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