Nicholina and I kissing at sunset

Over the last year in a half I have been blessed with finding someone I could truly spend the rest of my life with. I met Nicholina Camilleri on June 1st, 2007 and on June 2nd 2007 that's when I knew there was something special there. Her first day of work at O2B Kids was the dress rehearsal day for our dance recital. Her and her best friend Christina both just started working as dance teachers were fresh faces to the company. I introduced myself and then I went over to my friend Taylor and claimed Nicholina as mine.

The next night we sat in a parking lot discussing life and little things that happen to come up. That was the night that I knew she was special. We would start dating a few weeks later and it has been magic ever since.

On August 1st, 2008 we moved into our first home together. It's a three bed, two bath with a fire place and pool in the backyard. We were very blessed because our families helped us fill the house with furniture and the necessities of life. Our house instantly became a home the second we walked in together! I never thought I would enjoy coming home to another person as much as I do. So back off cause she's all mine!!!

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