My father and I at my undergraduate graduation

Hello and Welcome! My name is David Rountree and I am a first year graduate student at the University of Florida, home of the gators! I graduated from the university with my BA in Political Science and decided to continue my education at UF. I am in my second semester as a graduate student within the College of Journalism and Communications. It is very time consuming but I feel it has been a worthwhile experience.

Since I have come to Gainesville, the University has not stopped winning Championships! We have won four National Championships while I've been a student and more than 10 SEC Championships between all of our sports! This has made me into the ultimate sports fanatic I am today!

This website is intended to give you an overall look into what it is like to live in my shoes. There are many aspects to me and most people in my life only know me for one or two things that are a part of my life but there are way more than that! Right now there are 6 main things in my life: the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, teaching music to children at O2B Kids, mascoting at the University of Florida, attending graduate school for telecommunications, attending to my father after his motorcycle accident, and my beautiful girlfriend, Nicholina!

So take a look around and discover what you will about me!

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