Stephanie Rosenberg

Water Under the Bridge

Before I was interning at Rolling Stone, I was skipping stones on the lake in my backyard, just hoping to find a job that paid better than minimum wage. Why I picked journalism, I'll never know. I must really like to write.

I grew up in South Florida, specifically Parkland. Throughout middle school and much of high school, I was focused on training to earn a college scholarship for my tennis skills. This ironically forced me to choose between playing tennis and keeping my grades up in high school. I chose the latter, and the University of Florida became my clear choice.

Like every other person I knew, I started out at UF as a English major intending to go to law school. It might have been my distaste for Renaissance literature or sheer boredom with the subject, but I decided journalism was a better fit for me. I mean, the major essentially required me to talk to people. What's better than that?