Summerlin Academy in Bartow, Fla. actually offers kendo as a club sport.

The program is taught by Shinobu Maeda (Maeda Sensei) and is reportedly the only public school in the United States to offer kendo as part of the curriculum.

Summerlin Academy's web site is here.

wrapping up flies

Kendo Charlotte

I practiced kendo, the art of Japanese swordfighting, for 3 1/2 years before I stopped due to respiratory problems. I keep my swords and armor with me in Gainesville. A friend in the Gator Kendo Club keeps dropping not-so-subtle hints about when practices are held.

The picture to the left was taken at the 2006 All Florida Kendo Taikai, which was held at the University of South Florida. I attended with my dojo, the RenShinKan Kendo Dojo.

Warhammer Black Orc

I also enjoy playing Warhammer Online, a MMORPG. Think World of Warcraft, but better (in my opinion at least).

The picture to the right is a Black Orc, one of the characters I have played in the game. He is flying after having been launched into the air by a catapult.

Warhammer Chicken

The picture to the left is my first character, a Witch Elf. However, here she is portrayed as a chicken after venturing into a lower level area. The guild I was in organized a chicken run, where a few dozen high level players turned into chickens and ran around.

You can find out more about the game by visiting its web site.