MMC 3260 Communication on the Internet is taught by Professor David Carlson.

This web site was created using Transitional XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets.

Notepad++ Portable was the code editor of choice and is quite nifty! It can be downloaded here.

caught you

Welcome to the home page of Charlotte Porter. This personal web site was created for the University of Florida's MMC 3260 Communication on the Internet course.

The name of the web site is a pun on my name. I heard it many times growing up. It got to the point where I chose "The Addams Family" VHS tape over the "Charlotte's Web" VHS tape when I was given the choice.

Perhaps this web site was foreshadowed one day in my seventh grade gym class. I was home sick, but later I heard from a friend that our teacher had said, "Where's Charlotte? Oh, I bet she's home working on her web page!"