Welcome and hello

"Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs,"-Ansel Adams


I have extremely humble origins. My mother and father met and fell somewhat in love. A year latter they were married, and nearly a year after that I was conceived. We moved to a place called Vero Beach, where we lived near a beach, and nothing ever happens. When I was born my mother says I was a "terrible delivery." The next decade is kind of a blur. But when I was ten, my parents somewhat fell out of love and decide to separate. The next ten years after that is also kind of a blur, as I spent those years being shuffled between house to house. I was a very optimistic child. Each new home meant chances for something fresh. When I was 16, my mother gave me a camera. That's also around the same time when I picked up the nickname "annoying." I did well in school because school is fairly easy. However, when it was time to finish school, I decided I needed more school if I ever wanted to have the words "doctor" added to my name. So I applied and was accepted to Florida State University. The next two years are chronicled as the "dark time" and won't be discussed. Now I go to the University of Florida!

Family History


Now that I have been accepted as a University of Florida journalism student. I am learning more than I have in 15 years of failed Florida public education. I major in Photojournalism, and have enjoyed the process so far. Photography runs in my blood. I come from a very distinguished line of family photographers dating back to my immigrant great-grandmother, Madj Wedjiski, who made a living as a maid. One of her meager possessions was a Polish camera that my grandmother still has to this day! Grandma was a respected cameraperson for Hollywood movies in her day. She and her boyfriend would scout locations and take hundreds of pictures for film directors. My dad used to work in Orlando as a event photographer. He was my first exposure to the life style. Now he owns his own camera store in Hawaii. I have learned alot from my family. One day I will surpass them in both fame and fortune.