What to do

Aspirations: Places to see and People to shoot...oh wait, that doesn't sound right...


There are many things I want to do. Being a photographer is not my sole passion, after all. In fact one of the great perks to being a photographer (if you're any good) is traveling around the world and seeing so many wonderful things. I would love to see the yogi's of India for example. Or perhaps the snake milkers of China. Maybe I'll sit on the sides of the Peruvian mountains and chew cocoa leaves with Indians. Of course, I will take my camera. I wouldn't be very smart as a photographer to leave behind a thing like that.



Of all the strange and exotic places I could think to visit, Beirut, still excites me like no other. I remember as a small boy when my Grandmother returned from a long trip with cautionary stories of what a dangerous place Lebanon was. I think that is what sparked this fascination I have with the place. There is so much unknown! And I believe travel should be a bang. Trust me when I say that Beirut has plenty of that. The art, the history and the people are wonderfully unique to the region, and I have read that despite all the turmoil that has rained down upon the Lebanese people they continue to have a good time. Young, old, sick, or stupid, Lebanon lives on! My real wish is to make people as excited about Beirut as I am. One day I will take my camera and capture the true Beirut spirit!