My Cookie Dog

This is cookie my dog. I got her from the pound about six months ago. She is very lovable, but she has some quirks. I should have known something was up at the pound. The pound had her in a wire cage in the office area, separated from the other dogs. When I saw Cookie she was just lying in her cage until she saw a small girl with a friendly hand. Cookie stood up and began to interact and lick the child's hand. I thought to myself, "she is really good with kids". I waited and watched Cookie play with several children. When she didn't get picked, I decided to take her outside for some playtime. Shortly after this I adopted her and took her home. Here are some of her quirks: she absoultely hates the garbage truck; she thinks she is a person and not a dog; she does not like dog toys, except for her blue toy: "BlueMan"