Welcome to my world!

Hey There! I'm Lorie Nichols-Russell, a journalism student at the University of Florida. (GO GATORS!) I hope to graduate at the end of fall semester 2009. I am interested in doing photo documentaries and wedding photos. I made this site by taking a web design class taught by David Carlson in the attempt to make myself a home on the web. Take a look around and see what you think.

I am a Florida native who grew up on 20 acres just west of West Palm Beach. While I was there I attended Palm Beach Community College. One of my favorite broadcast journalists was Peter Jennings. He brought to journalism a voice of sincerity and creditability. He put the world news into understandable words. I had the pleasure of meeting Jennings at a PBCC function. He put me at ease almost immediately with his soft spoken voice and warm personality. I was lucky enough to get my photo taken with him.