The ones who always have my back


My family at Christmas

My mom, sisters and our puppy at

I come from a large family, and although I had many fights with my siblings over the years, I love having a big crowd to go home to. My family is completely crazy, but Iíll always love them. In addition to my mom and dad, I have two older sisters, an older brother, a younger sister and an amazing cat. Iím also the Ďcool auntí to two of the funniest and most adorable, although slightly devious, kids in the world. I have one great brother-in-law, and will be getting another one in April. One of my favorite pastimes is making fun of my dad and my little sister, but I think they know I do it out of love. At one gathering a few years ago, they all decided that Iíll make my fortune writing about a best-seller about growing up in the madness and dysfunction that is my family, but weíll see.


My friends at a football game

Some friends before a Gator
football game.

My friends mean the world to me. I can always count on them to hear what I'm not saying, make me laugh or tell me when I'm being too ridiculous or stubborn. Most of my closest friendships date back to at least my middle school years, but I'm thankful for all the interesting and fun people I've met in college. Whether it's going to a party, going out to a movie, studying or just doing laundry, all the time I spend with them is exciting and irreplaceable.