So what is it that you do all day, hmm?

Glad you asked. My tastes run very simply: I enjoy computer games, video games, reading, jogging, video games, writing, video games, board and card games, roleplaying, video games, hanging out with my friends, video games, and video games.

Why did you mention video games so many times?


Never could have figured THAT out on my own. Anything else? Something less...repetitive, perhaps?

Well, some of my favorite bands (and favorite songs by them) include:

Your taste in music stinks. Too much garbage metal.

Deal with it. At least this isn't one of those old mid-90s-style pages with a looping MIDI of my "omg favorit muzik EVAR" looping continuously until your brain melts.

Ugh. Don't remind me of those.

Just letting you know how much better you have it these days.

Do you, say, do anything that isn't nerdier than Bill Gates spending the day at the pocket protector shop?

I'll have to get back to you on that.