Beijing Blues Girl


Over the years I have had numerous and varied interests. Below are some of my most important interests.


Cessna 150I became interested in flying when one of my dad's friends started taking flying lessons. I was then about 13 years old and promised myself I would learn to fly, too. So, the summer after I graduated from high school, I began to take flying lessons at a flying school located at the Santa Monica Airport in California. My instructor was Reuven Jerzy, a former captain in the Israeli Air Force. I loved flying over Santa Monica, Malibu and the surrounding area. The intimacy of seeing everything from a couple thousand feet made me feel as if Los Angeles belonged to me.

I soloed when I was 18 years old, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since flying lessons were expensive, though, I gave up flying for several years. I picked up flying again when I was about 25 years old and got my private pilot's license when I was 26. On the way to getting my license, I got into very turbulent weather on a cross-country flight from Tallahassee to Panama City, Florida. I had to land in a difficult crosswind--one that caused a Boeing 727 to run off the runway at the Panama City Airport that day. The tower congratulated me. Although I haven't used my license in a long time, I am proud that I earned it.

Being Creative

In 1998 I completed and copyrighted an original musical, "Beijing Blues." I wrote the music, lyrics and libretto. Sue Stamper did the arrangement. "Beijing Blues" is a semi-autobiographical story about an American woman married to a Chinese man. In marrying her husband, the main character also felt she was marrying China. But as her marriage failed, she realized neither her husband nor China was right for her. The musical has not been staged, but--as with my pilot's license--I am proud I created it.

Learning Foreign Languages

Chinese characters

I enjoy languages and have studied Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. I speak Chinese fluently. I am pretty proficient at reading Spanish and, to a lesser extent, French. Arabic is a formidable language grammatically, as is Japanese. I would like to improve my skill in all the languages I've studied.