My heroes are people who have stood up for what they believed in when it was not popular. People who have persisted despite opposition. People who have seen the big picture and done things much greater than themselves. People who have simply tried and loved.


I began to follow Jesus when I was a little girl. I love God and embrace a greater purpose for my life. I think it is beautiful that God himself would consider us and care about us.


I hate comfort zones. I view expanding mine as an adventure. I enjoy trying new foods, making strangers into friends, visiting different places, doing anything original and surprising people.


I love the outdoors. My favorite job has been working at Lake Swan Camp as a lifeguard because I have spent days in Florida's sunshine and breeze. A day at the beach or a trip to the mountains make me feel alive.


I believe that every person has equal value. We all have worth. Life is precious. That is why I have been the Co-President of Pro-Life Alliance at the University of Florida. I want women to live with dignity and give the gift of life.


I have never been an athlete, but I do enjoy being active. My favorite sport is swimming. I was on a swim team in junior high school. Now it is a hobby and an essential part of my summer job. Water delights me.


My favorite way to express myself is through writing. My thoughts become cohesive at the tip of my pen.

stonehenge ruth with sign that reads life ocean boardwalk ruth at st. augustine