Photography is something I have been interested in since I was young. I enjoy photographing all types of subjects, but people are my favorite. I have a Nikon D80, which is a Digital SLR.

Muddy Shoes

What was supposed to be a hiking trip turned into a mudding trip. I took this picture while backpacking in Providence Canyon, GA.


This picture was taken in Amelia Island. I had so much fun taking pictures because it was right around sunset and the colors really popped.

Leafy Wall

I went to Boston over the summer and took a lot of pictures. I didn't have my D80 so this picture was taken with my normal digital camera.


This is a picture of my cousin Erin on my dock. I really like the body language; she's in such a relaxed state it seems.


This was also taken in Boston. I put my camera out the window of a taxi and got this picture. I love the colors and the sense of movement.


I am very lucky to have such a beautiful backyard. We get really pretty sunsets sometimes and this one was by far the best.