I love Photoshop. I do all sorts of computer graphics from manipulating photos, to photomontages, to flyers for campus organizations. I am starting to work on producing advertisements and learning Illustrator.


This is a photomontage I did in high school. It represents the two extremes of the world, almost like good and evil.

Comedy Series Flyer

I did this flyer for Reitz Union Board's Comedy Series. This is very much my style when it comes to graphic arts.

RUB Promo T-shirt

This was also done for Reitz Union Board. It is the Promotions Committee's t-shirt. It will be in printing soon.

Compassion Design

My friend has a clothing company and this was one of the shirts I designed to show him. They didn't end up using this design.


During the days of Myspace, I designed this as a background for my profile. All the detail in this montage took me quite a while.

RUB Calendar

Reitz Union Board asked me to design a new calendar that they can use. Each month I update it with their monthly events.