Links to Writers I Like

Bill Simmons is the most entertaining writer in the sports world. He does only column writing from a "fan's point of view," which draws criticism from many of his peers and reader. For my money, he is the most consistently funny writer out there, and I can't get enough of his magazine and writing. Here is a link to his homepage on The Sports Guy's World.

An advertisement for Bill Simmons podcast, an entertaining listen.

Kyle Whelliston is the mid-major college basketball contributor for, which may not be an impressive title for the average reader or sports fan. I, however, have an unhealthy love for college basketball and mid-major college basketball in particular. To be honest, if I could do Whelliston's job I would be the happiest man in the world. He's very talented and offers great information on many lesser known programs. Here is a link to his columnist page at For the latest George Mason news, perhaps.

Dan Patrick is a long time sports journalist who used to work for ESPN and anchor SportsCenter in addition to writing. Now, he is a regular contributor on all areas of sports for Sports Illustrated. He has a regular column in the magazine and keeps his page at updated regularly. Here is a link to the man himself. A sports journalism legend.