This portfolio showcases the diverse set of clips I've accumulated as a journalist for various publications. You've got two options for viewing: To enjoy the print tearsheet, please click on the image, which will open full-sized in a new window. To read the stories as published online, please click on the headline.

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Image of clip 1 A City Beneath The Radar

Published in The Gainesville Sun

Nov. 1, 2008

They repel some list pests. They revolt others like pigs. But they're just people. The homeless are fathers, daughters and friends, too. This story exposes the lackluster results of the city of Gainesville's attempted eviction of Tent City.

Image of clip 2 Three Soldiers, Three Stories

Published in The Gainesville Sun

Nov. 11, 2008

Explosions, each one more tremulous and thunderous than the last, rocked the city in a rhythm; fires blazed and bounded from one brick house to the next; and clouds of smoke silently rose above. No, you couldn't see the stars, anymore. That's when Army Specialist Stephen Rodgers saw a city bombarded during the initial invasion of Iraq.

Image of clip 3 Exotic Dancers Feel Gas Prices' Pinch

Published in the Independent Florida Alligator

Aug. 7, 2008

This story is completely my own, and it came like a slap to the face. I saw a commercial promoting a gas-receipt discount at Café Risqué. I'd have to be crazy not to jump on it. So, I did. It was my first time in a strip club, a fully nude one at that, and I was being served hot chocolate at 7:30 a.m. by a nude waitress. I love journalism.

Image of clip 4 Cuban-American Rapper Uses His Rhymes to Unite

Published in The Gainesville Sun

Sept. 27, 2008

No time for star shock during this story. I was alloted a measly 10 minutes with the man of the hour and three hours to write about it, travel time included. The outcome, despite this, is a portrait that captures one moment that entirely illuminates the scene by slectively listening, viewing and fastening onto the one quote that tells all.

Image of clip 5 Cross Country Fowls

Published in The Gainesville Sun

Aug. 5, 2008

If a woman is crazy enough to plead for a ride from Florida to Washington state for her chickens, she's undoubtedly crazy enough to talk to me. That was my train of though when I stumbled upon her Craigslist post. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a gem.

Image of clip 6 Local Outreach Copes With Alzheimer's + Aging

Published in The Gainesville Sun

Aug. 2, 2008

Sometimes a story become bigger than itself, extending beyond the flat black and white type on the page. This is one of those stories. Following its publication, Al'z Place was allocated a larger budget to train additional staff to care for more clients affected with Alzheimer's disease.

Image of clip 7 Area Library Offers Soldiers Morale Boost

Published in The Gainesville Sun

July 16, 2008

Emotions runs deep in this story. I was intimidated, I'll admit, before interviewing the soldiers. How could I dare ask them about the war? But behind a reporter's notebook, I have the freedom to ask those sensitive and intrusive questions. This is for me.