The Tortugas

Where are the Tortugas?

The Tortugas are a small set of islands located off the coast of Key West, Fla. The area can only be reached by boat.

What should you pack when visiting the Tortugas?

When preparing to visit the Tortugas, one should pack a lot of water since there is none available on the island. That being said, one should also pack a lot of snacks, since the ship that will take you only provides you with one small meal. You should also pack plenty of sunscreen and towels. Snorkeling gear if you have an extra hand, as well.

What can you do while visiting the Tortugas?

There is a lot to do while in the Tortugas. You can go snorkeling and check out the multiple reefs that align the perimeter of the island. You can also take a tour of the fort that is located right in the middle of the island. Lastly, you can also just relax on any part of the beach that makes up the island.