Guilty Pleasures

My favorite hamster in the whole world, Fred Thompson.

One of biggest passions is reading—books, magazines, newspaper articles, and while I love to peruse the New York Times site, I also love to get my daily does of Perez Hilton,the infamous celebrity gossip Web site. I also love the E! Network. It is my personal belief that when it comes to being truly informed about celebrity nonsense the three shows to watch are: “Chelsea Lately,” “The Soup,” and “E! News.”

I also love trashy-reality TV. Some of my favorite shows include: VH1’s “I Love Money” and “Rock of Love.” As well as the E! Network’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” and “The Girls Next Door.” I know that more than half of each episode is scripted and the other half is complete garbage, but I can’t tear myself away from the TV. Oddly enough, the way I choose to unwind after a long day is to listen to the screamings and profanities of some of TV’s trashiest stars.

I have recently become obsessed with Pandora, a free, online-radio. The great part of Pandora is you can search an artist or song, and the Web site will tailor a radio station just to your request. I have about seven different stations but the list is continuously growing. My most played station would probably be “Kelly Clarkson.”

I spend an unusal amount of money spoiling my pet hamster, who goes by about 15 different names. However, the most commonly used names are Fred Thompson, Mr. Jinggles and Hamtaro. I recently had to buy him an aquarium to live in because he was able to open and escape from his cage, resulting in his absence for extended periods of time.