About Me

Me and my friends tailgating before the UF vs Citadel game.

When I was a child I acquired the nick name, Mouth of the South, due to the fact that I was continually talking. In fact, my younger brother didnít learn to speak until he was two, because I acted as his narrator. Over the years my love of story telling, constant questioning and pure love of talking has lead me to pursue a career in journalism.

When I was in high school I was very involved with my schoolís paper Revolution. Starting as a staff writer my sophomore year, I quickly rose through the ranks becoming news editor my junior year and managing editor my senior year. I also served as vice president for the Southern Interscholastic Press Association, a regional journalism conference, my senior year.

However, after high school graduation I pushed the idea of a career in journalism from my head, choosing to major in Classical Studies my freshman year at the University of Florida. I missed journalism though, and it was apparent. Friends and family questioned my choice in majors. The more I thought about it, the more I realized where I needed to be.

Now in my junior year at UF, I am double majoring in journalism and classical studies. Iím also a staff writer for the Independent Florida Alligator; covering the Student Government beat as a member of the University Desk.

While covering Student Government is often frustrating and very time consuming, I absolutely love it. I have started to become an SG nerd. Over the past month I have spent countless hours at Election Commissions meetings, Senate meetings, debates and political rallys. My favorite part about the beat is listening to Senators argue over petty, frivilous issues, like the effect of more energy-efficient lighting on the Union's art or if the propper color tape was used to hang a sign.