New York! New York!

The Metropolitan Museuam of Art

Above: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I never really liked rides when I was younger, but I sure loved to shop. As I grew older I wanted to explore bigger and better places to shop. We once took a trip to San Francisco; the shopping was adequate. However, nothing compares to the shopping of New York City. This is why it is my Disneyland.

Bryant Park

Above: Fashion Week 2007 at Bryant Park.

Shopping is not the only reason I love New York. The city is so full of life; there is history and culture everywhere. Let me just name a few more reasons why New York is the center of my world.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art -- In high school, I took painting classes just for fun. I had a teacher though, whose love for art was contagious. I am currently taking Art Histry at UF and cannot wait to revisit this museum.

Bryant Park -- Fashion week is held here anually. This is why New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Designers work nonstop leading up to this. Many travel across the globe just to see the shows.