My Obsession -- Fashion

If I had to pick the perfect outfit out, it would always be a dress. As a child, I loved to have fashion shows in my room. As I grew older though, I thought, “why can’t every day be a fashion show?” My wardrobe has definitely evolved over the years. I went through an awful phase of mini skirts. Now, however, I venture to say my wardrobe is my prized-possession.

It’s hard to categorize one’s style, but I will attempt to do so with a few of my favorite designers.

McQueen Dress

Above: A dress from Mcqueen's collection.


Above: Jolynne and I in our Betsey Johnson prom dresses.

Alexander McQueen -- Victorian/Romantic -- His collections always make a statement. He knows how to use material in bulk and maintain a feminine figure.

Betsey Johnson -- Girly/Unique -- The structure of the dresses are impeccable. The way she uses lace and silk is beautiful. I actually had the privilege of wearing one of her dresses to prom, thanks to my parents.

Chanel --Classic-- Spring 2009 collection consists solely of white outfits, and headdresses that are made of paper. To read more about this show go to the NY Times.