I am nineteen years old and I grew up in San Mateo, Fla. UF is probably twice as big as the place where I grew up, if that puts anything into perspective. My neighbors would call my dad if I was late on curfew and just about everyone on the street had a cup of sugar you could borrow.

My name means "fair" and "white" in Latin, which might sum me up on a given day and I am German-Irish. Not being one of a politically conscious mind, I'm not sure if that counts as an "interesting" combination or not.

I hate to work out, but I love playing sports. I play softball and volleyball growing up, with more of a focus on softball. I played for a competitive tournament team, beginning around the age of ten all the way through my graduation from high school. I had a few chances to play for some college teams, but I really don't feel like that was the path that God was leading me down at that moment.

I love to cook, though it can be sometimes difficult in college with mom's shopping list out of reach. I really am addicted to Iron Chef and probably just the whole Food Network channel in general. Paula Deen is by far my favorite and it's one of my goals this year to visit her restaurant in Savannah.

I also love to travel and have been blessed enough to have been able to do so. I went to Europe the summer of 2007 and have also been to several states in the Southeast along with Alaska and California. I'm one of those people who could just sit in an airport all day and be content. I do admit to staring at people from time to time, but I just find people interesting, so I guess I don't mind being guility.

My first semester at UF, I rushed a Christian sorority called Theta Alpha and I truly believe this is one of those times when I correctly acted upon something God wanted me to do. I am apart of PC '08 and am now a Ruby mom to PC '09. Our open motto is "As One, For One" and our open verse is John 17:20-22 . Theta Alpha has blessed me in an astounding number of ways and I find it amazing everyday to see God's work in a whole new light.

I am going to Mexico over Spring Break with Theta Alpha and I think it will be a selling point in my desire to become a mission worker. I am interested in possibly joining the Peace Corps upon graduation, but I guess that is all up to God. I now currently sponsor a little boy named Harold from Mexico through Compassion with my amazing Big, Kaitlin, and it's such a blessing to know the influence we are having in his life even from far away.

The book series Twilight is a guilty pleasure of mine along with strawberry ice cream and Special K. I'm not obsessed with politics and sadly probably don't know enough about my world to make an adaquete journalist, but I plan on trying anyway. I don't have a sense of smell and wish I could sing, draw, dance, sew or possess some other old school, mandatory feminine quality. I like simplicity.