My Present

I am now starting on my second year at the University of Florida. Although I have seemed to have fallen a little behind I am content in knowing I am still on the right path. Itís when I derail that I need to worry. My major is journalism with a focus on photo journalism.

My Passion

Foot Prints in the Snow

I love taking pictures and capturing that moment in time for people to later on treasure and relive. I think friendships and people come and go but photographs are the only thing that can last forever, and for that reason I have always loved to capture moments in photographs.

Telling a story through a series of photos or capturing love through a lens are skills and techniques I am still trying to acquire. One day I hope I can take those mind blowing pictures that everyone talks about for a life time.

My Job

I work at O!O Tapas n Tiniís, a restaurant located in Haile Plantation. O!O Tapas n Tini's is far away from the college town that consumes me daily, yet close enough that I can drive there nightly. I am obsessed with working and some would consider me a work-a-holic.

I like to push myself to the very edge just to see how far I can go without breaking. However, I love my job and am very fortunate to work some place where I never have to dread going into. The owners, the staff and even the clientle are amazing people, some of which I consider my southern family. I am truly blessed to have found this job and have kept it for the past 2 years.