My Past

I was born and raised in Aurora Illinois, about 45 minutes outside of Chicago. It is a huge town filled with different cultures and many unique characters. Growing up in that environment made my mind open for everything and anything that I could possibly imagine.

My Family

Angelina's Family

I grew up in a small family with only 1 older sister. As the years have flown by my family has grown. I am now a proud aunt to my adorable niece and nephew, and have an awesome brother in law too. My family makes me laugh and although we tend to bump heads from time to time, they are all amazing and I feel blessed everyday to have them as my family.

My Northern Side

I attended one year of college up north before I finally made the big move down south when I was 19. Since my big move I have only been back up north for a matter of a week at a time. I do not miss the cold weather nor do I miss the snow! I had always dreamed of living in Florida and every day I'm still shocked when I wake up and realize I am living out one of my dreams!