My Loves

True friends are rare, and hard to come by, and finding a friend who truly cares for you and your feelings is like finding a million dollars. So I assume I am considered extremely rich, or some might call it lucky, considering I have already found 4 amazing people who possess these qualities.

Tracy Lee

Tracy, my friend since third grade, is a blessing in disguise. Her friendship and laughter has kept me going for more than 14 years. The stories that we share could carry us into tomorrow. If it was not for her I would not be who I am today. So thank you Tracy for amazing memories and an unforgetable childhood.

Ashley Slo

Ashley , whom I like to refer to as Wifey, a nick name we had for each other. Now Wifey, she’s something special, I swear our minds would work as one sometimes. The most adventurous and off the wall ideas I could imagine, Wifey was the type to put these ideas into action. Her quirky sense of humor and bold personality definitley left a lasting impression that I will never forget. I love and miss you always Wifey!

Cara Joy

Cara Joy who I like to call C-Ra is another friend of mine that I am so lucky to have in my life. She has a contagious smile that can lift anyone's spirit. Cara’s random stories and off beat humor catch me off guard and keep me laughing for hours at a time.I love you C-Ra, thanks for being you.


Bek Bek, is my long distance friend, which seems to solely revolve around texting, phone calls and the internet. She is much younger than I am yet her words show a wisdom that is beyond her age. Bek Bek will always give it to me straight no matter what the outcome, and I love her very much for that quality. So thanks for keeping me on my toes!


I surround myself with amazing people but these 4 girls I consider extra special, because these 4 girls are my loves! Without them I wouldn’t be me, so thank you girls for helping me be me!