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"Once you get everything straightened out and you begin to enjoy life, something happens. It happens because there has to be some kind of event that hits you in the face and makes you realize it's not all gonna come easy. You have to work at love and dry your tears. Friends will come and go; and guess what? There will be others. Not every relationship will be enchanting and perfect, and if it's meant to be it will always find its way."-anonymous

"Live for today, because tomorrow is guaranteed to no one"-anonymous

"My life is like a stroll on the beach, as near to the edge as I can go"-Thoreau

I live for quotes, especially the quotes that speak as if the writer wrote it exclusively for me!

You Can Just Call Me Wifey!

My name is Angelina, alot of people call me Wifey, a nickname my best friend and I came up with in honor of our fake engagement and marriage via Facebook! The nickname has stuck and I love that. I have an obsession with nicknames, and therefore I give all my friends nicknames. For some reason I think names given at birth are just too boring. Now this website you are visiting, which is my first, will give some insight into my life and my world. So please browse and enjoy getting to know me!