Trinidad & Tobago

Rainbow in Trinidad

special thanks to athinaf on flickr for the photo

During the spring breaks of 7th grade and my freshman year of college I went back to the island that I was born on - Trinidad. I stayed with family in the south. As my family took me in, I was able to eat great food everyday, travel to the beaches, and see quite a few sights For a few points of interest, please visit this website..


Machu Picchu A tree atop Machu Picchu

When they said it was going to be a spiritual experience I took it as an overstatement. Though looking back, no one can take away the connection I felt at the top of Machu Picchu. I went during spring break in 2008 and the trip was part of Valencia Community College's Honors Program. The biggest souvenirs were the non-physical. We all got a chance to bond with our peers, professors, and advisors who went on the trip and I believe everyone brought home a new way of seeing and believing.