Courtyard of the hotel

special thanks to tantrum_dan on flikr for this photo

Iím a person that likes to open doors that make me curious about what's behind it. I like to explore alleyways and backstreets during the day time to get back home. On a road trip Iíd want to stop at quirky places that people donít often go and I want to expand the map in my mind of places Iíve been to. A crazy adventure that I went on happened in my senior year of high school. There is an abandoned old hotel near my house that had been standing for years. It was a wonder form another decade, but sad to say, it was also a castle for lovers of vandalism. I was 17 when I decided to explore the mystery of the Colony Plaza Hotel for myself.

The chain link fence surrounding the property has a small opening on the side facing away from the street. I slipped in. The wonders of what I found inside give me goose bumps every time I pass that hotel. I ended up almost getting caught by a security guard who had a little shack on the premises. He must have heard my footsteps over the endless patches of broken glass. As he came inside the hotel to catch me, I ran to escape out of what was probably once a convention room. I jumped the fence and made it to safety.

Watching Foreign Movies

In the summer of 2008 I borrowed about 3 movies a week from the public library. They were all from the foreign/indie section in the movie aisle. Here are a few I would recommend:

ē La Doublure
A side tickling, twist turning, comedy. Great to watch with friends and/or family. French.

ē Das Rad
Thoughtful masterpiece. This is a short but youíll keep it in your mind for a long time. German.

ē Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity
A truthful tale for children of the working class. Follows the life of a young girl in her quest for magic to improve her motherís life. Good lessons are taught. Canadian.

ē Amélie
A favorite of mine and first in my DVD collection. Colorful narrative on a woman who appreciates the small things in life. The inner child in all of us gets the ok to come out and watch the movie beside us. French.


This is something I would like to do more of. I had been writing narratives, short stories, and fiction pieces from kindergarten through middle school. My mind is been a swirl of ideas but honestly Iíve had more half baked projects and unfinished thoughts on paper since high school than I would like. My goal is to write stronger, and complete more of my thoughts on paper. Here is a little project I started at the beginning of the semester. It is a blog food journal that encourages me to eat healthy meals knowing that Iíll write about it later. Hopefully it can inspire someone who eats out a lot to cook a few meals at home.