Wanna know me?

My name is Jenan, and I'm just your average 6'0 tall collegiate sorority girl, dreaming of making her mark in the magazine industry and in life. You can always spot me- I am typically commenting on someone's clothing or pop culture, or running frantically around campus trying to make time for my busy life.

I attend the University of Florida, which I decided I was going to in sixth grade after a state science fair competition. The second I set foot on the campus, I realized it was the college for me. I have been happy ever since.

At said school, I am in the sorority Phi Mu. I also am very involved with Children's Miracle Network, which is the charity my sorority, as well as Dance Marathon, supports. I have held positions in which I have had to work closely with the organization, and I have learned a lot. I do not consider myself a bad person, but I never have devoted much time to voluntary community service. I never had the time. Being in leadership positions that deal with charity directly has really opened my eyes, and I will probably continue to be involved in service even after graduation.

The Lucky magazine cover in 10 years,
as dreamed up and created by me.

I love writing both fiction and non-fiction, and I love fashion. If I had my way, I would be a personal stylist. Currently, I am a journalism major working my way toward a degree centered on magazines. My favorite magazines include Lucky, Seventeen, InStyle, Elle and Self. I could spend all my money on magazines and still be entertained.

I love shopping and could do it for hours. It is a therapy. Don't listen to people who tell you it is a sickness. It isn't!

I love dancing. I am a dancer on UF's Extreme Dance Company and enjoy every minute of it. Currently, I am participating in dancing philanthropic events through my sorority and practice for the competitions coupled with my dance company keeps me active. If you think it looks easy, I promise you it isn't.