I've visited Cairo and Portsaid four times in my lifetime and every time I go, it's a life-changing experience. I never forget what an amazing group of people and what an amazing place I'm from. I always seem to forget how enormous my family is. I only have my immediate family here, but I have an unlimited supply overseas.


I actually don't like Cairo too much, because it's simply too crowded. As of 2006, just about 8 million people reside in the city and it's maybe the most crowded in the world. If you're out of the house, you can guarantee you're shoulder to shoulder with everyone. That's because everyone is waiting on buses to get where they need to go. No one sleeps there. Everyone is out in the street, talking, eating, finding entertainment until maybe 3 a.m. Just a side note, a lot of people don't know that "Cairo" in the Arabic language means "Triumphant."


Anyways, I liked Portsaid much more. As the name suggests, it's a port city filled with fishermen. It's a very hard-working city with people that are always on their toes and always ready to help you with anything. My dad used to be a pretty good fisherman himself, and I've always wanted to buy a boat and have a few father-son moments with him out on Cedar Key. Most of my relatives are from Portsaid. They live in "Sha'ahs", which is a word used to describe tall apartment buildings that have about two per floor and 30 in all. Again, very crowded but very lively.