My housemates and me before our scavenger hunt.

My main hobby is planning. I think of it as a hobby because I enjoy it. I enjoy planning my life years ahead and I already have my college schedule planned out, according to several different scenarios, until my graduation.

The picture on the left depicts me and the girls I live with on a scavenger hunt. I live in a sort of sorority house and there are several houses all over the state like it. I organized a large scavenger hunt between all the houses in Gainesville. The hunt was confined to our neighborhood and around campus. I spent about a month planning the event. I had to pick a route, find scenarios, figure out a point system and determine the criteria that constituted a team. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun.

I have planned about four or five other parties and community service projects for the house and I hope I can be social chair again next semester.

I like being in charge, and planning things helps make that happen for me.

My other, and most time-consuming, hobby is watching films. I have to watch at least one movie a day and most of them are films I have never seen. I have Netflix, so that fuels my habit.

My favorite director is Woody Allen. His films are smart, witty and have underlying lessons about love. Whenever I am in a bad mood, I can watch Manhattan and I instantly feel better.

Tim Burton is also one of my favorites. I love how he can take a children's story, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and make it into a dark, sort of Brothers Grimm-esque depiction. I can watch his films every day, and I did watch "Edward Scissorhands" every day for about a month when I was younger. I have always been fascinated with his films and I can not wait until his version of "Alice in Wonderland" comes out.

Baz Luhrman is the most visually stimulating director I have seen. I fell in love with his work in Moulin Rouge and, since he does not do many American films, I was reminded why I love him when I watched Australia. The cinematography is amazing and he knows how to use the filters to his advantage. His concept of depicting the early 1900s in Paris was mind-blowing in Moulin Rouge. The only film I have seen to match his work is Across the Universe, which is one of my favorite musicals.

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