The photo on the right is courtesy of flickr. I love photography. I always have. I remember going on family vacations gravely taking photos with my parent's point and shoot. This past Christmas my parents bought me a Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera. It is my one true love, and I've named it Lou. As far as photography goes I am certainly a novice, but I hope with practice that will eventually change. If you would like to see my slow and steady progress as a photographer please look at my photoblog.

Some examples of my photography:

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4

The first photo was taken in Pennsylvania. It was snowing outside, and the edges of the window frosted over. That's what gave this photo the blurry, winter-esque quality. The second photo was also taken in Pennsylvania. The water around the leaves froze over partially. The last photo was taken at a UF gymnastics meet. The last photo was also taken at the gymnastics meet. Team mates are hugging after finding out their (very) good scores.

I hope you enjoy them!

I currently have two lenses; an 18-35mm and a 50mm. The 50mm is by far my favorite. It just has such tight detail, although I would love to try my hand at some other lenses. I am by no means a gear snob. I firmly believe that if the right photographer is behind the camera, any type of camera, they can do wonders.