At Home

All my siblings: Jason, Nate, Julz, Jeremy, me, James, and Josh

Above all else, I enjoy spending time with my families. I have three brothers -- James, Josh, and Nathaniel -- and one little sister -- Julianne. James is a saxophonist training to be a teacher at the University of Central Florida. Josh is a junior in high school and hopes to work in sports management someday.

Nathaniel is a budding baseball and soccer player. And Julianne is a little princess-in-training, who loves gymnastics and cheerleading (but, thankfully, also the Florida Marlins!). My husband, Jeremy, has an identical twin, Jason, who is a wonderful brother-in-law and guitarist.

We love traveling all over the state to visit our parents, who live in Melbourne, Pembroke Pines, and Winter Haven.

The Bears


Oscar and Nacho are our dachshunds. We call them "the bears" (although I can't remember why!). They are our little cuddlers, and they are wonderful pets. Oscar is the only dachshund I have ever met that can play Frisbee! Nacho isn't as athletic, but he makes up for it in cuteness!


We lost our beagle, Picadilly (Pickle) in 2007. He was a beautiful dog with a loving heart. We miss him!


Jeremy and I love to travel. My dream is to travel to Italy someday. So far, I have been to London, Paris, Scotland, the Domincan Republic, Antigua, the Bahamas, and all over the United States. Here's some pictures of our favorites:



Key West

Key West




Jeremy and I love skiing -- both water and snow. Having spent my college years in the mountains and my childhood and professional years near the beach, I'll take either one!


I love almost anything outdoors -- tennis, volleyball, roller coasters, hiking, sky diving (yes, I've been!), and parasailing.

I also love watching movies, art, reading, writing, playing games, tasting wine, and cooking.