Moammar's Favorite Places

For the most part, I have no problem staying at home and relaxing. a couple of DVDs and internet access can keep me in my room for days. When I do go out, I love to hit up a local bar with friends or, in some cases, perfect strangers. Since 2003 Gainesville has been my home and it makes travel mostly irrelevant. Living in a college town is an experience that rivals the best tour of United States offered. Here at the University of Florida, students represent all of the states 67 counties, each of the 50 states, and countries across the globe. Experiencing G-ville, as it is commonly know, is an opportunity to see loads of new things, meet fun new people, and receive a world-class education.

Favorite Gainesville Locations

Fraternity Row

Spring 04s In Front of House

I waited a semester before I rushed my fraternity. My eighteenth birthday was only a week before I moved down to Gainesville and I was a very introverted person. As an only child, I had become accustomed to having plenty of alone time. Still, living on campus at one of the nation's largest universities, I needed to branch out to new experiences. When I applied for freshman housing, I requested a single dorm room. That only cut me off from the rest of the student body more. After what seemed like a winter break that lasted an eternity, I arrived back to campus for the spring 2004 semester. After some exhausted internet research, I found a few chapters that I was interested and set out on spring rush. Though daunting at first, I found a place that really felt like home. I accepted my bid mid-week and never looked back. Since then the UF Fraternity Row has been a base for activity. Itís a hop, step, and a jump away from the main part of campus and a quick walk to cross over to the other side of University Avenue. That makes it prime real estate.


After leaving the Row to cross University, you'll find the center of the UF student universe. Every college community has that home-spun spot where students can converge to blow of steam. Most often this location is close to campus. At the University of Florida, this major bar area is directly across the street. Midtown Gainesville is just a quick stride across University Avenue. Once there, you are thrust into a multitude of options. There are the scummy hole in the wall joints, with their cheap beer and all you can drink specials. There are the small dance spots where students can sweat out the stress of studying. There are also the nice little restaurants where you can get a good meal and even bring your parents on a Sunday afternoon. Don't be fooled though, these locals can be the most intense on a weeknight.

For starters, there's Gator City/XS. This is the pivotal standby. Whatever is going on there guides how the rest of bars and clubs in this district operate. Gator City is one of those tacky little joints that you thought only existed in those mid 80s college revelry films. Its orange and blue decor keeps the bar true to its name and makes it the perfect place for Gators to let loose on a Wednesday or Friday night. Connected to Gator City is XS. While it may seem more upscale then its conjoined twin, do not be fooled. XS is best with lights turned way down low. Still the do have one amazing 80s night.

Above these venues is The Grog House. Three words: beat the clock. That's all you really need to know. If you want to see the youth of America at its most determined, stop by on a Friday from 9pm to 11pm. It's almost inspiring to see the team work and concentration giving to downing a pitcher in 15 minutes. Besides the Friday night shenanigans, Grog also has a really fun Wednesday and Tuesday night setup.

If you're more the pearls and crokies kind of person, then you have to hi up The Swamp Restaurant. The food is ok at best, but the nightlife is where it's at. Monday nights on the front lawn boast a who's who of UF students just looking to socialize and network. In addition to proving a gin joint for social climbers, Swamp also throws some really fun holiday parties, including Valentines Day, Christmas in July, Halloween, and the legendary Swamp Patrick's Day. You can't leave UF without a witty Swamp party t-shirt.

Homecoming 2007 at the Swamp

The Swamp

"The Swamp only Gators get out alive." When you here that echo through the Ben Hill Griffin stadium you will fully understand why man created weekends. UF boast one of the 10 largest college football stadiums in the country and when the crowd starts chompin', opponents have nowhere to go. The stadium may be the most recognizable feature at the school and with good reason. Three national tiles and three Heisman trophies call The Swamp home. Whether it's swaying and singing "We are the Boys" at the end of the third quarter of celebrating with the alma mater after a Gator win, there is no better place to spend a Saturday with 90,000 of your closest friends.

Weimer Hall

Weimer Hall

Weimer Hall is my home away from home. After completing a Telecom degree and starting a Mass Communications master's program, it's become the place I spend the most time outside of by bed. Indeed many nights have ended with me sleeping here. Whether it's a marathon editing session in the Final Cut Pro editing room or a group meeting that just will not end in one of the computer labs, Weimer has been the base for most of my higher learning endeavors.