Moammar's Hobbies

While I do enjoy my free time, grad school and my quarter-life crises has left me pretty lazy in my activity. I love Gator sport and in the fall, football is the alpha and omega of my weekly schedule planning. Besides cheering for the orange and blue, I don't really do much. The only real hobbies I have are bar hopping and people watching. You can take the boy out of the fraternity house, but you can't stop him from drinking. That's how that goes, right? Anyway, when I'm not living the Gainesville student lifestyle, I like to watch tons movies, write, and surf the web. If this sight gets to dull here are some of my favorite places to visit.

Stuff White People Like
This blog is a humorous look and the neo hipster,yuppie culture of my generation. The comments are really targeted at college-educated 20 something's. It extremely funny a pretty dead on.

What did people in their early 20s do before YouTube? I can't imagine life without it. You're never more than a few clicks away from some really awesome video. To the right is one of my favorite viral videos. Notice the Florida Football shirt. The crazy starts early for us Gators.

Gator Sports
"Through all kinds of weather, we all stick together for F-L-O-R-I-D-A. Like any respectable UF alum, I follow gator sports like its my birthright. Gatorzone keeps me up on all the athletic activities at the university.

So much of my generations general knowledge is supplemented by this site. It's one of the websites you visit for a specific interest and then three hours later you realize you've gone off on several different tangents. That time may be lost, but at least you can now rundown the complete Tudor dynasty.

This may not be the most enjoyable location on the net. But as a grad student raking up the debt with no foreseeable plan for the next coming years, I'm checking Monster every three minutes like an egg timer. Job hunting is the universal hobby for people in their early 20s. Hopefully, the searching pays off, this grad school diversion runs out soon and I think the federal government would like some of their money back.