About Me

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, home to the world's largest cocktail party. The universities of Florida and Georgia no longer wish to refer to their football teams' annual meeting that way, but I still do anyway. Jax can be rather boring though, so as soon as I finished up high school I headed off to college. Since then I try to minimize the amount of time I spend in the river city.

Back in Jacksonville, I went to Mandarin High School, home of the Mustangs. High school was as you would expect it to be, nowhere near as cool as in the movies, but not bad enough to go on a rampage. I did well enough to get into a good university, at least well enough for the top state school. I graduated in May 2003 and set out to get far away from the orange and green haze that is MHS.

While I got away from the green, I did keep the orange. This time paired with royal blue. I started my freshman year at the University of Florida in August of 2003 and had four amazing years of undergraduate education. In that time I saw the athletic program at UF rack up two national titles in men's basketball and a national championship in football. I also got a chance to cheer for the baseball team in the College World Series.

College wasn't just about the sports teams though. I also joined a fraternity that changed my life. I rushed my second semester at UF, the first was extremely lame. I got a bid from Lambda Chi Alpha and had an interesting and insightful pledge semester. Now I call more than 120,000 men brother. As an only child, this is a cool addition to my life and it has brought me the closest friendships of my life.

I spent the bulk of my four years finding new experiences and growing as an individual. In May 2007, though, the experience was over. Graduation from college is one of those bittersweet moments in life. I was happy to have my degrees, but sad to see the life I had come to love end. To many (mostly those that never experienced college) a degree is just a piece of paper. For me, I was a development. College was more than classes and homework; it was my time to find out who I really was inside.

After a flaky summer of squatting with a fraternity brother and a heartbreaking fall in Jacksonville, I came back to UF for my master's degree. I'm currently a few credits and a thesis away from finishing. Wish me luck and if you "know someone who knows someone" see if you can help find me a job.